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Joppa Dental share program offers sharing for eligible diagnostic & preventative, minor restorative, major dental services and orthodontics for chidlren and adults.

Annual Share Maximum:
$1,500 per person per program year, excluding shared services for Orthodontics which has an additional $1,500 sharing maximum.

Member Responsibility Amount (MRA): Applies to Basic, Major and Orthodontic Treatments per person per program year.
In-Network: $50 MRA;
Non-Network: $75 MRA.
MRA does not apply to Diagnostic/Preventive Services.
NOTE: Major Services and Orthodontic Treatment are subject to a 3-month waiting period.

Joppa Dental offer access to the Careington PPO Network. Members may enjoy discounts by using one of the many dentists within the Careington PPO Network.

Out-of-Network sharing will be based on a percentage of the Usual and Customary fees outlines in the Member Guidelines. Members may be responsible for the difference between the U&C and the actual dental charge from a Non-Participating Provider.

Joppa Dental is NOT INSURANCE. For a full list of services eligible for sharing, limitations and restrictions, further documentation will be made available to members in the Member Guidelines accessible via their member portal following enrollment.

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