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  1. Please enter your birth date above and click "Update" to view fee options.
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  3. Please choose ACH (electronic check) instead of credit card. This helps protect against disruption in your Medical Cost Sharing membership, and it saves money. We will even incentivize you with a $25 Amazon gift card!
  4. To qualify for True Life Protect, you must be a member of True Life Alliance, as you will see below. It is discounted for you as an enrollee of True Life Protect.  

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True Life Alliance Membership (for TLP Members)

Membership is required for True Life Protect enrollees, but discounted by $10. If you want family members to participate in our private members' community with their own profile, you may add them for a mere $1. Choose from the dropdown list. As a member, you have access to a community of like-minded people living healthy lifestyles. You will learn how you can cut your monthly health costs by as much as 60%, be able to purchase professional-grade nutritional supplements not available to the general public, and get assistance in building an individualized Functional Medicine plan.
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