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AWA Dental 1000 (Stand-Alone)

Enrollment Processing Fee
Monthly Admin
The AWA Dental 1000 membership includes a fixed indemnity dental insurance plan and PPO network through Reliance Standard. AWA Dental 1000 pays set reimbursements for procedures and cash can be paid directly to you or your provider. AWA Dental 1000 has a $1000 annual maximum with a $50/$150 deductible per person/per family. There is no waiting period for Type 1 & Type 2 services; there is a 12 month waiting period for Type 3 services. Dental work started prior to members effective date is not covered.

Enrollment Processing Fee: $35.00
Monthly Admin: $5.00
Product: $37.00
First Month: $77.00
Recurring Monthly: $42.00