Summit - Connected Primary Care

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Summit - Connected Primary Care

Summit - Connected Primary Care Sharing Level is a health share program and is NOT a contract for payment or insurance. Members of Alliance for Shared Health (ASH) do not have a contract. Instead, members attest to a set of Statement of Beliefs to join the ASH community to share in their medical expenses per the specific sharing level chosen.

Summit - Connected Primary Care Sharing Level

Preferred Provider PPO Network

PHCS Network Access;
All Providers Accepted - Members are free to go to any doctor.

PNOA (Wrap)

Annual Sharing Maximum


Lifetime Sharing Maximum


MRA (Member Responsibility Amt)

$500 | $1,000 | $2,500 | $5,000

(3x MRA for Single | 5x MRA for Family)

Preventive Care

(waiting period applies)

In-Network: $0 Visit Fee

Non-Network: $100 Visit Fee

MRA Does Not Apply

NOTE: Max share amount for mammograms is $500 and colonoscopies is $1,500

PCP Doctor Visits - 2 per Year & Combined with Specialists Visits

$50 Visit Fee

Specialists Visits - 2 per Year & Combined with PCP Visits

$75 Visit Fee

Urgent Care

Subject to MRA per Incident

NOTE: Referral from SHARE Connected Care Required

In / Out Patient Surgery

100% Shareable after Annual MRA

Hospital / Facility Services

100% Shareable after Annual MRA

Emergency Room / Ambulance

100% Shareable after Annual MRA, if admitted to the hospital

Additional $1,500 MRA applies (Waived if admitted into hospital)


Subject to $5,000 MRA

NOTE: Members must have an expected due date for delivery at least 300 days after joining for bills to be eligible for sharing.

Prescription Sharing

Level 1 Medications: under $50 for 30 Day Supply for $10 MRA;

Level 2 Medications: $50-$149 for 30 Day Supply for $20 MRA or $20 minimum;

Level 3 Medications: under $150-$400 for 30 Day Supply for 40% MRA (Limit 1 fill only)

Pre-Existing Condition Limitations: Pre-existing conditions within the preceding 24-months of the program effective date will have sharing restrictions for the first 36-months of membership. Please refer to the Member Guidelines for the pre-existing condition graduated sharing schedule.

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