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Summit - Connected Primary Care
Summit - Connected Primary Care
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The ASH Summit - Connected Primary Care program is a health share level and is NOT a contract for payment or insurance. Members in Alliance for Shared Health (ASH) are not joining an insurance company. Instead, members attest to a shared Statement of Beliefs, connecting them to the ASH community for the sharing of medical expenses per the specific sharing level chosen.

Summit - Connected Primary Care offers the following:

Annual Sharing Limit: $1,000,000

Lifetime Sharing Limit: Unlimited

MRA Options: $500, $1,000, $2,500, or 5,000

(MRA-Member Responsibility Amount)

  • Preferred Provider Network (PPO) - PHCS (with PNOA wrap)
  • Preventive Care (waiting period applies)
  • Primary Care Physician Visits
  • Specialist Visits
  • Urgent Care Visits
  • Maternity
  • In/Out Patient Surgery
  • Hospital/Facility Services
  • Emergency Room/Ambulance
  • SHARE Connected Care - Connected Primary Care (Unlimited Use-Disclaimers Apply)

Virtual Direct Primary Care - $0 Visit Fee

Primary Care - $10 Visit Fee

Urgent Care - $25 Visit Fee

  • SHARE Scripts - Prescritpion Sharing

Level 1 Medication only $10 for 30-Day Supply

  • SHARE LABs - Over 50 labs at $15 per lab
  • SHARE Imaging - Substaintally Reduced Cash Pay Pricing

for Imaging for X-rays, MRI, PET/CT Scans, Ultrasound

& more!

  • SHARE Scripts - High Cost Prescription Advocacy

Summit - Connected Primary Care is NOT INSURANCE. Sharing services

facilited by ASH, please refer to the Member Guidelines for

sharing limitations and restrictions.

States Not Available: MD, WA

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