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  • Envision RX

    Click Here

    The above link will allow you to search prescription(s) and review any available discounts. In addition, it will assist with locating a pharmacy near you. 

    PHCS Network Search

    To search for the providers in your network please visit: or Click Here to be redirected.

    Once redirected to the PHCS site, select the appropriate network shown on the front of your membership card:


    OneShare Complete Program (Basic, Enhanced & Crown) Full Network


    1. Click on Select Network.


    2. Select PHCS.


    3. Choose “I don’t see any of these statements.


    4. Finally, click FRONT.



    OneShare Catastrophic Program

    1. Click on Select Network.


    2. Select PHCS.


    3. Choose “HOSPITAL ONLY”.




    OneShare Classic Program: (Basic Tier)


    1. Click on Select Network.


    2. Select PHCS.





    OneShare Classic Program:  (Enhanced & Crown Tiers)


    1. Click on Select Network.


    2. Select Multiplan.





    ***Please always reference the logo on the front of your card, failure to do so may result in delayed processing and non-payment of medical bills***



    ***When a member submits an eligible sharing request and has utilized a participating PHCS provider, expenses are eligible to be discounted.  However, if the service provided is not covered by our program, the discount will not be applied.***


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